The Whole Truth

Mary Claire and Her Nana

My mom is reading “Table for Six” for the first time. She didn’t want to read an advance copy, said she trusted me, said she’d wait. I gave her a hard copy on Sunday and have been fretting ever since. It’s not that I said anything derogatory about her. It’s just that memories are so… […]

Bieber Fever

George Sporting the Bieber 'Do

Yes, you read that title correctly. I’ve got it. I never expected to catch it. In fact, I think I’ve been inoculated against it. But nevertheless, it’s made its way into my bloodstream. I have Bieber Fever. Yesterday, Mary Claire and I went to see the JB movie. The boys opted for “The Green Hornet,” […]


Lucy Sitting in a Pile of Clothes

We have three showings scheduled on our house this weekend — boom, boom, boom. The first one is at 9:00 AM tomorrow, and I found out about it today. The house is a disaster, Chris is in the woods (a la Thoreau) working on his dissertation, and I’m home with all the kids, the dogs, […]

A Brave New World

Sam, Chris, and Family

My brilliant entrepreneurial cousin, Chris Baggott, is the one who convinced me to e-publish my books. “It’s the way things are heading,” he explained. “The publishing industry is changing, and you need to be ahead of the curve. Own your own works, market them wisely, and reap the rewards. And ultimately, if you do everything […]


Chris Getting a Kiss on Both Cheeks

We were blessed to be part of a very special wedding yesterday. Just under a year ago — although it seems I have known them for at least ten lifetimes — my existence was turned upside down and inside out when I met and was welcomed with open arms into an incredible family filled to […]

Getting to Know You

Katrina and Mary

One of my favorite parts about creating fiction is getting to know my characters. When you spend such a colossal amount of time with them, they quickly become the oldest of new friends. There is an infinite amount of pleasure in wondering what they’re going to say and do next, in listening to what they […]

Icetastrophe 2011

Mary Claire and a Friend in the Snow

Snowpocalypse? Icetastrophe? Call it what you will, I’m loving it. All six of us holed uptogether for three days — watching movies, snacking with reckless abandon, drinking Scotch in the late afternoon, laughing at the dogs trying to remain upright in the back yard. Oh, sure, we’ve had our moments of too much togetherness. There […]