Movin’ and Groovin’

Packed Boxes

I think I forgot momentarily that bloggers are supposed to blog. It’s been quite a while since I thought about posting, and that’s normally not my modus operandi. Usually, I’m filing story tidbits in my overloaded brain, jotting down funny and inappropriate things that my kids say, witnessing something in the nearest Starbucks that would […]

Birthday Bliss

George Opening Presents

We celebrated George’s 9th birthday yesterday. For those of you keeping track, yes, it was a week early. Fairly certain his actual birthday would coincide with moving day, we decided to be proactive and get something on the calendar before his Big Day got lost in the cardboard boxes that are currently decorating our house. […]

The Journey

Welcome to Starkville Banner

Life is about the journey, isn’t it? No matter how strongly we have our heart set on the destination, it’s the journey that offers us the growth, the substance, the unshakable truth. We’re sailing unknown seas right now. Some might call it the journey of our lives. When I look back across the years, I […]

Mothers Day Words

Katrina and The Kids

My Mothers Day was beautiful. Time with the Willis family, time with the Hodge/Weaver family, time with Chris and the kids. Time with the DeHaiis, too, due to a little unexpected water heater incident. Thank God for good neighbors who let us use their shower in our time of need. And thank God for good […]

Battle Hymn of the Wild Monkey Mother

Mary Claire Wearing a Flowered Bucket on Her Head While Reading

The frighteningly over-educated and brilliant members of my book club just read “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” by Amy Chua, and we had some titillating banter and conversation last night. (Oh, and five bottles of red wine, too. And cherry chocolate cake. I love these women.) I had delved into all the “controversy” surrounding […]

Boys Will Be Boys

The Kids Sitting in Bleacher Seats

Following is an excerpt of last night’s dinner conversation: Sam (14): “George, stop spanking your chicken.” George (8): “But I like spanking my chicken.” I nearly snorted red wine out of my nose and refused to make eye contact with my husband. Doing so would have resulted in inappropriate laughter and questions we weren’t necessarily […]


It’s a strange feeling to know that he is dead. The man who caused so much suffering, so much hatred, so much turmoil, mistrust, and grief. His life was about ending the lives of others whose views he could not understand or tolerate. And now, Osama bin Laden’s own end has come. After a long […]