Month: August 2011


Gus 2.0

It’s true. He’s reinvented himself. As Andi so eloquently pointed out, he’s like Gus 2.0 now. And she’s right. I was beyond worried about my seventh grade boy. Middle school can be tough. And Gus is anything but tough. He’s quiet, sensitive, easily brought to tears. He marches to the beat of his own drummer. …

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Speed Bump

We hit it today. Our first stumbling block. I was very curiously watching the man in front of me in the carpool line hock long streams of yellow tobacco spit into the elementary school grass when George came out to greet me. “I want to move back to Indiana,” he announced as he climbed into …

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Mary Claire and George

Lesson Plans

They marched like little soldiers into their strange, new, unfamiliar buildings on Monday morning. In khaki shorts and button-down polos, they looked tidy, put-together, and more than a little bit nervous. I felt like I was throwing them to the wolves. And when I anxiously picked them up on Monday afternoon — maneuvering blindly through …

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