Hurricane Warning

Katrina Revisited

It’s been a rough week. They happen sometimes… to all of us. Whether you’ve moved four states away from the only home you’ve ever known, whether you and your spouse both started brand new jobs and left all your friends and family behind, whether your four kids trudged through their first year in scary new […]

The Semantics of Rape

Todd Akin

Like many others in this country (and elsewhere), I have been more than bothered by Rep. Todd Akin’s recent statement about “legitimate rape.” I’ve stewed, fretted, gotten fired up, talked myself off the ledge, and climbed back up again. For those of you who might have been living under a rock and missed it, here’s […]

Forging Good Humans

Sam Holding His Hand Up to the Camera

My friend, Logan, posted something on Facebook this past week that caught my eye. It was a newspaper article highlighting a quote from a judge who regularly deals with teens — namely, apathetic teens. This was his advice to them (as reported by Northland College Principal, John Tapene)… “Go home, mow the lawn, wash the […]

Potty Training for Teens


When I pulled the Tahoe into the garage after school yesterday, my boys all made a beeline for the bathroom. “Me first! Me first! I have to GO NOW!” They pushed and shoved and wrestled their way into the closest bathrooms while I was still putting the car into “park.” “Why didn’t you boys go […]

Highs and Lows


Chris is worried about me. And it’s because of my shoes. “I’m afraid you’ve lost your in-between,” he said recently as I lounged around in my workout clothes and then promptly changed into pajamas when I couldn’t imagine prolonging the agony of wearing my bra one second longer. “Release the hounds!” we like to announce […]