Month: June 2013

Willis Tribe

The Final Countdown: 14 Southern Fried Lessons

We leave the South in six short days. The boxes are packed, we’re eating with plastic utensils, and the truck arrives on Friday. When we moved in the summer of 2011, I told Chris I was willing to try anything for two years. “Our two-year vacation,” I called it. “And at the end of those …

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Starkville Forecast

Hot Mess

I always wanted to be Carolyn Ingalls. And then my air conditioning went out. In Mississippi. And now I take all that prairie life nonsense back. Every single bit of it. I don’t even care if Pa plays his fiddle. I’m out. Indiana has her share of hot, humid days. They can border on unbearable. But …

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Packed Boxes

Ode to Packing

I am beyond humbled by the response my letter to Sam received. Thank you so much for loving it, for sharing it, for embracing it. The comments were so positive and kind… and so very fun to read. The only semi-negative thing people had to say concerned my long-windedness. And that’s not really negative when …

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