The Cost of Doing Business

Mary Claire and George on the First Day of School

August has become the new December around here. But instead of buying Christmas presents and wrapping paper and tree decorations, we’re shelling out cash for 8,423 (sharpened!) pencils; folders in green, purple, red, yellow, and blue — with pockets; 84 boxes of tissues; 28 book covers; all the paper in the world; pens in black, […]

Expected Grace

A week ago, my 16-year-old left his breakfast dishes on the table for someone else to clean. Chris was still in Mississippi, and the full-time working/single-parenting/new home/new community gig was getting to me. I was ready to explode with frustration; ready to scream at Sam to come DO HIS DISHES. Ready to rip into him […]

Cultivating Home

Kids Walking on the Beach

As my little Baby Blog grows up and my readership increases, I expose myself to more support… and more criticism. I think that’s why bloggers start small and build a loyal following — first your friends and relatives love and encourage you (well, most of them), and then your audience expands. When the dissension begins, […]

New Kids on the Block

Mary Claire in an MSU Hoodie

Mary Claire and I attended the mandatory call-out meeting for all eighth grade athletes yesterday. We found the junior high, signed in, and sat down among a sea of chatty new teenagers and their equally chatty parents. “Do you see anyone you know?” I asked, casually trying to lighten the mood as we swam in […]