Say Uncle

First Day of School

Last week, I received a sweet email from a former colleague of mine. She and I met when I made my reluctant re-entry into the full-time work force just shy of a decade ago. I was the ketchup-splattered, sleep-deprived mother of four who was trying to reclaim her cobwebby corporate dreams. She was an energetic, […]

Give Her a Face

Shift Key Necklace

America, I’m worried. I’ve been reading day in and day out about the Central American refugee children in Texas, and it seems so many of us have forgotten our hearts. There are those who will argue my use of the term “refugee,” but I stand firmly behind it. When mothers choose to send their babies […]

Whether We Stay

Lucy and Maggie Waiting By the Door

One year ago, we moved into our home in an older, established neighborhood. For the most part, kids have grown and gone, and their nearly or newly retired parents remain. A few younger families dot the tree-lined landscape. One of the first questions many of our new neighbors asked us when we moved in was, […]

The HerStories Project: My Other Ex

My Other Ex

Today, I hold the memory of our friendship in a small, protected pocket of my heart. It resides there, a reminder of all that was good and right. I’ve let go of what was bad, what was wrong, what tore us to pieces. ~ KAW ~ ~ ~ I’m honored to announce my inclusion in […]