Graduation Day

Graduation Day

When those four babies of mine still fit in my arms, I said I’d never forget. The smell of their heads, the soft of their skin, the curve of their toes, their paper-thin fingernails. But the truth is, I have. The details elude me now. Sometimes they come back to me in bits and pieces, […]

Dandelion Dreams

Delaney in Dandelions

When I was little, I’d use them as yellow war paint, crushing stripes on my hands and cheeks and occasionally on my nose. Then I’d grab crabapples from the trees and ambush the neighborhood boys who left cigarette butts in my backyard fort. Later, we’d all become friends again over an after dinner game of […]

Are You Enough?

Mary Claire Striking a Pose

A while back, I stumbled upon the beautiful Jennifer Pastiloff. It seemed every other post I saw was about her, her Manifest-Station site, or one of her writing/yoga retreats. I was drawn to her positivity, her exuberance, her spirit, and that gorgeous mane of hair. She published a couple of my incredibly personal pieces on […]