The Big Human Sea

The Great Eight

Friday, June 26th — the day the Supreme Court established marriage equality for same-sex couples — was an exciting, historical day. The meme that made me smile most was the rainbow shooting out of the computer screen onto a happy cartoon face. That’s exactly what Friday felt like to me. Why was I so happy? […]

#Ferguson Thoughts

Sam in His Shades

I don’t know what happened in the Michael Brown case. I’m not privy to all the evidence. But here’s what I do know… I have a son who is almost 18. Like most Mama Bears, I love him with a ferocity that still steals my breath. He is tall and strong and athletic and potentially […]

The Common Good

Mary Clair Making a Heart with Her Hands

I’m not what you’d call a “political” person. So it makes me a bit uneasy to post about a “political” topic, but as a writer, when the muse calls… it’s best not to let that one go to voice mail. I watched with wonder yesterday as my Facebook friends split before my eyes… half to […]