Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand

On Friday morning, I was talking to Chris about my upcoming eye surgery. Worrying a little about the actual procedure, imagining the needle coming straight toward my eye, thinking about my inability to look away. “If the doctors mess the surgery up,” George asked in between Cheerios bites, “will you have to wear an eye […]

A Sonata For My Friends

Katrina and Her Friends

Friends have been on my mind lately. Not specific friends, but the notion of friendship. The idea of it. I’ve been reading numerous articles about friendship over the past couple of weeks; specifically, female friendships. It’s given me pause, made me think, caused me to reflect. I’ve been blessed — beyond blessed — to have […]

Brown County Memories

Katrina's Family

On the heels of a most wonderful Thanksgiving family reunion in Brown County, Indiana, I’ve been thinking a great deal about my childhood, my family, my sister, my cousins (pictured here), my grandparents. We’re a unique clan, the Andersons. Our individual personalities are as vast and different as the leaves in our beloved Brown County […]