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Hey, friends! Hope you are all staying happy and healthy as we head into the holidays. During this pandemic (and for a number of years before), I’ve had so many people reach out to me to ask, “How did you start writing? Why do you publish such personal stories? If I want to do this, where do I begin?” (Apparently, quarantine inspires creativity!) So, I’ve been doing a bit of thinking… and planning… and researching…, and I’ve decided to offer a beginner’s online course to finding your voice and your words. Although many details are still working themselves out, the one thing I have nailed down is the course title: Memoir Begins with Me: Finding the Courage and Conviction to Write Your Memoir. If you’ve ever wondered whether you should write your story (from a personal essay to a full-fledged memoir), this course is for you! And I’d love to invite you to be a Founding Member. As a Founding Member, you’ll be a sounding board as I continue to hone and refine the course content, you’ll get in on the ground floor at the absolute lowest price, and you’ll have access to all course materials and upgrades forever! In addition to all of the above, you’ll also be part of a community of fellow Founding Members who will support and encourage your storytelling. Sound like something you want to be a part of? When the completed, comprehensive, 1-week course launches to the public in early January 2021, the price will be $149. But the Founding Member price is just $99 through November 30. That’s the lowest price I’ll ever offer. If you’re interested in joining as a Founding Member, please email me, and I’ll send you more details in early December. (And if you know someone else who might be interested, invite her! Or him! Or them!) Let’s be bold and brave and dig deeply and write freely.