The Cost of Doing Business

Mary Claire and George on the First Day of School

August has become the new December around here. But instead of buying Christmas presents and wrapping paper and tree decorations, we’re shelling out cash for 8,423 (sharpened!) pencils; folders in green, purple, red, yellow, and blue — with pockets; 84 boxes of tissues; 28 book covers; all the paper in the world; pens in black, […]

Ring the Bell

Sam and Chris in Rain Ponchos

We’re back-to-school shopping. It’s the Mississippi state tax holiday today and tomorrow, so along with the rest of the state, we’re stocking up. And we’ve got lots of extra money to spend this year. You know why? No Mississippi public school registration fees! (You can’t see the ear-to-ear smile that’s splitting my face right now, […]