Fashionably Late to the Covid Party

Dear Diary, Plans were set in motion months ago, long before I lost my job. A cross-country summer driving trip to see all my kids—from Florida to Lexington to Boulder to Portland to Olympia and back home to Florida via Indiana. I mapped and timed everything meticulously, booked all the Airbnbs, and counted down the […]


Dear Diary, I’ve been thinking about my big sister a lot lately. About her waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. About how she couldn’t find her way back to her bed because there was a tumor compromising her brain. About how that fucking tumor would take her away […]

Say Uncle

First Day of School

Last week, I received a sweet email from a former colleague of mine. She and I met when I made my reluctant re-entry into the full-time work force just shy of a decade ago. I was the ketchup-splattered, sleep-deprived mother of four who was trying to reclaim her cobwebby corporate dreams. She was an energetic, […]