An ER Story

Wait until you hear this one. So, I’m sleeping peacefully two nights into my Covid recovery when, at 2:00 AM, I wake up with hot, raging pain in my feet. It’s in my heels, in the soles of my feet, in my arches. It slowly moves up into my ankles—both of them. It’s a pain […]

Fashionably Late to the Covid Party

Dear Diary, Plans were set in motion months ago, long before I lost my job. A cross-country summer driving trip to see all my kids—from Florida to Lexington to Boulder to Portland to Olympia and back home to Florida via Indiana. I mapped and timed everything meticulously, booked all the Airbnbs, and counted down the […]

The Great Reset


It’s ironic, I think, that I was bragging about the robustness of my blood as the nurse inserted the IV. “I’ve got great veins,” I said. “And I’m a universal donor. Nurses love me.”  But my blood didn’t really love me. Not at that moment. I’d been sent to the ER after multiple blood pressure […]