A Letter to the North Pole

Stockings by the Christmas Tree

Dear Santa, I know it’s January 5th. And I know you tend to get most of your mail in December. And typically, it all comes from those in the 0-8 age range. But here’s the thing… none of my kids wrote to you this year, so I feel the need to bridge that gap. They’re […]

Merry Overload

Fireplace with Stockings Hung

All this merriment is wearing me down. Don’t get me wrong — I love Christmas. LOVE IT. That’s probably why I make it so difficult. You see, I’m fairly certain none of my kids believes in Santa Claus anymore. The 9-year-old might be holding on by a thread, but he’d never admit it in public. […]

Yes, Virginia

Mary Claire with a Bouquet of Flowers

Yesterday, Mary Claire came flying through the door after school with great concern and consternation. “Mom!” she yelled, orange backpack laden with hundreds of keychains flung violently to the floor. “Half of my class doesn’t believe in Santa Claus!! Can you believe that?” “Wow,” I replied. “Half the class, huh? What did those kids say?” […]