Month: June 2011

Gus, George, and a Friend

The “Couches Across Indiana” Tour

We have the best friends in the world. Truly. The. Best. We moved out of our home in mid-June anticipating an earlier house closing and capitalizing on the one date the moving company had available. When we announced our need to find some temporary housing, our friends and family rose to the occasion. Offer after …

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Natural Remedy

Cherry Plum

I’ve never been a “natural remedy” kind of girl. With a Medicine Man for an uncle, I’ve always relied on pharmaceuticals to cure my ills and ease my pain — both physical and mental. Lately, however, I’ve found friends who rely solely on natural healing, on non-prescription relief, on homeopathic treatment, and I’ve become intrigued. …

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In Sickness

We’ve got it bad over here. The creeping crud. It’s June 3rd, but it feels like February at our abode. PJs all day, medicine lined up on the counter, perpetual bedhead. Yesterday, I took George out for a breakfast date. Before his pancakes and sausage arrived, however, he’d thrown up in the bathroom. We headed …

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The Kids and Maggie Sitting on the Front Steps

A Letter to Our Home Buyers

Dear Home Buyers, Welcome! We are thrilled that you found us, that you chose to look around, that you’re planning to stay a while. We know this hasn’t been the easiest process to go through, and we appreciate your patience. It’s been frustrating for us — I’m sure it’s been doubly frustrating for you. But …

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