An Invitation to Indie Publishing

Dear Friends,

It’s been a quiet 2015 online, I know. My 45th year made its appearance with some health challenges that knocked me to my knees, but I’m almost fully upright and ready to run again. Thanks for sticking around in the silence.

Today, I’ve got some big news to share with you. I’ve partnered with a small, independent press to publish Parting Gifts in the Spring of 2016, and I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity.

As a true indie partner, I’m running a Kickstarter campaign to ensure this book hits the market with a high-powered publicity campaign — one that will help booksellers, reviewers, and readers take notice as soon as (and even before) the book goes to print.

A crowdfunding platform gives you, my readers, the opportunity to pre-purchase a copy of Parting Gifts and get some fun, exclusive, book-related swag, thanks to the fabulous Nicole Ross at Creative Quarterback (seriously, hire her — she’s ridiculously talented!) to help build momentum leading up to the publication date.

To find out all the details, please take a look at the Kickstarter campaign and choose the level of support that feels like the right fit for you:

Parting Gifts Kickstarter Campaign

(And no judging the video. We had to do at least 7,375 takes and five wardrobe changes. Approximately.)

I’m really excited about the $1,500 “book club special.” I know it sounds pricey, but you can divvy it up. Gather up a slew of your closest friends, pool your money, and I’ll come visit you to talk about the book! (I promise I’m much more engaging in person than I am on camera… and I’ll even bring the wine.)

For those of you who’ve never participated in a Kickstarter campaign, please keep this one detail in mind… your credit or debit card won’t be charged until the campaign is successfully completed. (In my case, $15,000 must be raised by April 30. This campaign is short and sweet, so please pledge early.) And also remember this… every donation truly counts. In crowdfunding, the key is in building the community, not necessarily in the individual amounts.

Lots of people contributing a little bit to make a big difference. That’s where the magic happens.

Thanks for taking the time to support Parting Gifts. I can’t wait for you to meet Catherine, Anne, and Jessica.


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