Mary Claire and a Friend in the Snow

Snowpocalypse? Icetastrophe? Call it what you will, I’m loving it. All six of us holed uptogether for three days — watching movies, snacking with reckless abandon, drinking Scotch in the late afternoon, laughing at the dogs trying to remain upright in the back yard.

Oh, sure, we’ve had our moments of too much togetherness. There have been fights over the Xbox and arguments about which movie to watch. And, frighteningly enough, our toilet paper supply is running low. But overall? It’s been a fun little staycation.

There’s nothing quite like removing the pressure of every day life to make you appreciate the “nothing” kinds of moments that a weather-inspired state of emergency creates.

We’ve been lounging in sleep pants and sweats, wrapped up in fleece blankets, and making large pots of hot coffee. My eyeliner and lipstick haven’t seen the light of day since this weekend.

Last night, we ventured across our icy street to spend time with our friends and neighbors. It was a pajama party complete with laughter, pistachio snacks, giggling kids, one nervous dog, a smattering of acrobatics, and some tasty bourbon.

When we returned home after midnight, Sam, George, and I ventured into the backyard for some late-night ice skating on the frozen tundra formerly known as our lawn. In the wee hours of the morning, we embraced the beautiful black of the night and marveled at Mother Nature’s power.

This afternoon, the kids have been sledding in our backyard, down our driveway, and into our “For Sale” sign. Chris has been slowly and diligently chipping away at the ice on the driveway. The kids’ laughter is, thankfully, louder than any profanities he might be mumbling under his breath.

Today, I am grateful for good neighbors, ice emergencies, rosy cheeks, red wine, no broken bones, and this family of mine. One more day, Mother Nature, one more day.

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