Thankful Thursday

This is the acknowledgments page for Cheryl Strayed's "Tiny Beautiful Things." I'm not in it. But a girl can dream, right?
This is the acknowledgments page for Cheryl Strayed’s “Tiny Beautiful Things.” I’m not in it. But a girl can dream, right?

Today is about acknowledgments.

Lots of acknowledgments.

First and foremost, a huge shout out to BlogHer and the Voice of the Year judges. I found out early this week that I was named a BlogHer 2015: Experts Among Us Voice of the Year for my piece, “When I Inhabit Too Much Space.” Of course, I’m so grateful to Mamalode, too, for originally hosting the story. And to those of you who so gently read and received it.

I’m psyched out of my mind to be named a 2015 Voice of the Year and can’t wait to go to NYC this summer for the big celebration. (And the champagne!)

The funniest part of the story is this: Wil Wheaton was also named a VOTY in the blogging category. A high school friend of mine noticed this and made a comment about it on Facebook. I said to Chris, “Did we go to high school with someone named Wil Wheaton? Do you know who he is?” I had no idea. I have officially become clueless. And my mother. Thank goodness for the INTERNETS and all their glorious searchability. I now know who Wil Wheaton is, and I’m certain I’ll say something completely dumb and inappropriate to him in NYC.

Next, I want to talk about Thankful Thursday and the beauty of Book Acknowledgments. Since I last updated you about my Kickstarter for Parting Gifts, I recorded and released Chapter 2, introducing Anne. You can catch up on the low-budget, high-glare video here:

Parting Gifts Kickstarter

Today I’m announcing that every single person who backs my Kickstarter at a minimum of $10 (including, OF COURSE, those of you who have already backed me) will get a mention on my book acknowledgments page. EVERY SINGLE ONE. For a mere $10, your name will live in print forever. (And you’ll get an awesome bookmark, too!)

Think about some things you’ve spent $10 on that haven’t been as awesome as your name living forever in print. Here are a few of mine…

Sharks in Jars. When my boys were younger, they loved these weird vacation favorites. We still have a few around the house. They’re gruesome and ghoulish in their blue formaldehyde, these small, dead sharks. I wish I had all those $10 bills back.

Timothy Hay. Once a month, I buy a giant bag of Timothy hay for our guinea pig, Francisco. Buying the Timothy hay reminds me that I once decided to buy Francisco. And nothing against Francisco, of course — he’s a fine guinea pig as guinea pigs go. But he still can’t clean his own cage. And apparently, neither can anyone else who lives in this house.

Ben & Jerry’s Karamel Sutra Core Ice Cream. This is a love/hate thing. I mean, I would never in a million years suggest that money should not be spent on ice cream. In fact, I’ve spent waaaaaaaay more than $10 on Karamel Sutra Core. I’m just thinking that if I’d saved $10 here and there, I might have saved 10 pounds here and there as well. Moderation.

$10, friends. $1 times 10. I probably have $10 worth of change in my couch cushions right now.

I have nearly 2,000 blog followers and over 1,000 Facebook friends. If half of you decided to back me with $10, well… that’s too much math for me and I’ll let you do it instead. But you see where I’m going with this.

Your name. In print. In my book. Forever. My eternal gratitude. Abundant happiness. Karma. Giving. Receiving.

Parting Gifts on bookstore shelves.

It’s a win win.

Thanks for joining team Parting Gifts. XOXO

(Oh… and when we get to $10,000 in backers, I’ll release Chapter 3: Jessica. She’s a stripper. You’ll love her.)

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