Lady Diana, William, and Harry

This Royal Wedding business has me all verklempt. I will argue that there was no bigger fan of Princess Diana than Yours Truly. I wasn’t just a fan, I was probably more of a stalker. But I was just a kid, so that’s a bit less creepy than, say, your 30-Something-Still-Lives-With-His-Mother-and-Named-His-Cat-Twinkles kind of stalker. I […]

Queen for a Day

The Queen of England

Okay, so I’m not really a queen, but I do have the honor of being the brilliant and witty Andrea Maurer’s guest blogger of the day. Close enough, I think. Andrea is a friend of a friend… (long story)… but the most important part of that particular story is that in the past year, she […]

Jumping for Joy

Chris and Katrina Jumping on the Beach

I received the email yesterday afternoon. I almost deleted it. I was clicking through all the unwanted spam in my rarely used RoadRunner account when I stopped at the subject line that said, “Congratulations!” I was fairly certain I was about to be congratulated for winning a new pair of extra-tummy-control pantyhose or a free […]

Sappy Angst

Katrina and Andi Wearing Laura Ashley

My iPod has been working overtime lately. As I’m packing up the house for our impending move, I’ve required loud and constant background music to keep me motivated. Often times, I play “Katrina’s Workout Tunes” to keep my heart pumping and the packing tape sticking. (Although my kids are still perplexed at how Audioslave’s “Like […]

Potty Talk

George Running on the Beach

As every eight-year-old boy knows, talking about poop is great fun. George is no exception. He’s been a little obsessed with it lately. More than a little. I’m not sure where it all started. Maybe with Fitz and the Tantrums’, “Money Grabber.” When we first heard the song on XM, Chris said, “Is he saying […]

Scary Beach Stories

Mary Claire in the Water at the Beach

My girl isn’t afraid of much. She wants to become a certified scuba diver. She’s interested in skydiving. She climbs mountains like a bobcat. She can strike up a conversation with anyone in the room. Karaoke some rockin’ Taylor Swift in front of a room full of strangers? Whatevs. [youtube] We all know she’s […]

Car Trouble

The Little Willis Kids Standing on the Beach

And the third “Indy’s Child” post. This one is from the archives, but still a Willis classic. ~~~ We’re getting ready to head to St. George Island for Spring Break. Lots of sand, ocean, books, wine, sunshine, and food. Nothing could be better. Loading up the Suburban for our journey, however, always brings back memories […]

Eloquence Escapes Me

Maggie and Lucy Looking at the Camera

And here’s “Indy’s Child’s” number two post… ~~~ Since the release of “Table for Six,” I’ve been asked to speak to a few select groups. Here’s the conundrum… There are many things I do well. I can fire a softball from centerfield to home with laser precision. I can change a diaper while simultaneously holding […]

Pleased to Meet You

As many of you know, I’m the new “Mom Blogger” for Indy’s Child magazine. If you haven’t seen their site, I’d run over right now. There’s a lot of good stuff… and some pretty cute kids. But if you miss my posts over there, you’ll be able to find them here, too. (And no, they […]

And the Follow-Up…

Mary Claire's Room

Because I’m feeling the Haiku today, here’s Haiku Number Deux… Offer on the house We’re taking it up the ass But they like our paint